Sunday, August 12, 2012

There's A Medication For Everything

When I was younger and could still occasionally get a good night's sleep, I used to routinely have dreams about the end of the world, and delighted in recounting these visions in great detail to my mother at the breakfast table. She eventually became so alarmed by the graphic particulars of my stories that she sent me to a psychiatrist, a serious man who refused to believe my contention that these dreams constituted not nightmares, but rather supreme entertainments.


  1. Two sentences! Very nice. Also, as an editor, are errors of use and punctuation, such as one finds with just anybody typing away on the internet, annoying, or does your brain just say, no money, no correction?
    Wow, I can really hear the pompous British children's book in my voice.

  2. I wish you good nights, and sweet dreams, always.