Monday, January 4, 2010

Some Extracts From Aristotle's "History of Animals"

"The wolf is at war with the ass, the bull, and the fox."

"The snake is at war with the weasel and the pig."

"The marlin is at war with the fox. The raven and the fox are good friends."

"The crow and the heron are friends, as also are the sedge-bird and lark."

"You will have a warmer bed in amongst the goats than among the sheep, because the goats will be quieter and will creep up towards you."

"Of all birds swans are the most prone to killing one another."

"All animals are sad after coitus."


  1. I always find it rather grand, sir, when the goats creep up towards you. I can't speak to the rest of the business, other than that there was some curiosity in it.

  2. Goats are way better than sheep. We always had goats. Goats live with their people.