Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brief Associative Slideshow For The End Of Another Long Day

It's true that I have ridden an elephant, 
but I have never ridden an elephant over 
the mountains or into the darkness.

I am one of those who can look at maps all day long and convince myself that I've actually gone somewhere. For a brief time, anyway.

Now let's talk about shadows and monsters, if you have a spare moment....

I want to be a dog,
when I die--
a dog, a dog.
--Robert Creeley, Hello, A Journal 13
(via Wood S Lot)


  1. There is something about these three photos, in this particular order, on this particular day, that is perfection.

  2. I needed this. (especially the Creeley.)

    Nice to meet you at the studio the other day!

    -Charlie B. Ward

  3. Thanks, Charlie. It was pure pleasure to see you all.