Friday, May 25, 2012

Eight Days In Ohio, During Which I Joined A Moose Lodge

I'm just wrapping up ten days on the road with photographer Alec Soth and a really terrific assistant, driver, and all-around good guy named Galen Fletcher. We were driving around Ohio talking to people and taking pictures as part of a larger project about community in the 21st century.

I know that sounds impossibly broad, but if you're curious I wrote a bit about what we were up to on the live blog we kept as we rambled around the Buckeye state.

You can see the whole shebang here.

Right now I'm completely wiped out, but stay tuned; I sense that we're probably not finished.


  1. I love these images, and if I had known you were going to be so close, I would have brought you guys some sandwiches or something.

  2. This project has so much heart. I love it so.